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Astrology is a magnificent tool to help you tune in to which path of divine direction would be the most rewarding for you to pursue to fulfill your divine plan.

One of my friends recently expressed to me that she felt like a lab rat on a treadmill… doing the same thing day in and day out over and over again… and not really enjoying the routine.

She said she felt like there was never any time to do the things that really had meaning for her or held any excitement.

She went on to say that it seemed as if almost everything she did each and every day was for the sake of paying the bills and that she was looking forward to retirement when she could finally do what she really wanted to do, and then…at last , have a sense of fulfillment, mission, joy for life , and purpose.

There are many people that feel that way. They work to make a living… not to fulfill their reason for being.

I recently completed a 7 week online course where the participants were given some very creative, powerful tools to help activate their unique code and live their highest calling.

Quite a few people were still trying to figure out what their own unique purpose was. That is very important because if you don’t know what your calling is… how can you activate it for sure?

If you are having any doubts or just wondering … what is your highest calling, your life’s purpose… check out the astrology report called “The Sky Within” on this website and you will be greatly blessed and pleasantly surprised.

Each person has a unique path and the report will show you 3 paths that will lead you to fulfillment.

You choose which one best fits your hearts desire. Eventually, maybe each one will be a path for self discovery, fulfillment, and blessings to those fortunate enough to be a part of your life. 🙂

To your success,



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