Astrology Alert! Mercury Turns Retrograde On Thanksgiving Day

The Crystal Ball Astrology Report on the Current Retrograde Mercury

You really don’t need a crystal ball to know that mercury must be in retrograde if things have been going for you like they have for me lately.

The biggie here, of course, is within the realm of communications… and the Murphy’s Law syndrome that comes into play. You know… the adage that says “anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

It is impossible to hide out in total isolation and cut off all forms of communication during the two to three weeks three times a year when mercury is in retrograde motion…but it would certainly help you avoid a ton of frustration if you could.

The mixed up appointments, lost mail, misunderstood messages, missed phones calls, and a host of other communication mishaps could be avoided.

Thank God mercury will be going direct on the 24th. So we still have 11 more days to navigate through.

So make sure when you say “I love you”…say it twice to make sure they don’t hear “I hate you”.

When you say something important that you can’t afford to have misunderstood, have the person you are saying it to repeat it back to you…  s l o w l y. Only then can you be sure your message has been conveyed correctly.

Better yet…get it in writing!

If its business…you had better get it in writing anyway…just to be on the safe side.

I hope my package that I ordered weeks ago (and UPS has delivered to the wrong address and shipped back to the sender 3 times) will come soon…I really could use it.

Don’t forget to check the “article” section of the website to see tips on how to deal with retrograde mercury’s sojourn…coming soon.

Smooth sailing,



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